2016 Pre Flight Checks

So the new website is almost done. By the time you read this, it will be live. Nadav, who’s been with us since September now, is settling in nicely as our new drummer. We’re taking the month of January off from our 3rd Thursday Residency; instead we’re going into the studio in January to cut new audio with live video. That’ll be posted just as soon as we can. The next Wherehouse gig is Feb 18th. Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to everyone! See you in Feb, unless another gig shows up before then. Ciao’! Neil & Joe


The new site is up! “Thunderhead are go”, which of course is a take on “Thunderbirds are go” from a favorite kids TV show from many many (MANY) years ago. But using this phrase adds a fun comic-book like feel to the whole project which from a musical perspective is pretty f-ing serious. WELCOME!