Neil Alexander

From Mazzstock 2015

Keyboardist NEIL ALEXANDER is an award winning pianist, synthesist and composer. His work with music manifests in many forms and styles, including jazz, rock, funk, blues, electronica, ambient and contemporary classical. He is also active in Production, Live Sound engineering, Theater, Modern Dance and Film.

As an active musician he has a recording and/or a performance history with a wide variety of groups and artists such as The Machine, The Mahavishnu Project, Tony “Thunder” Smith, Gunther Hampel, Tal Ross (P-Funk), Charles Haynes, Erik Lawrence, and The Adaptors Movement Theater. He composes for many Modern Dance companies, working with such Choreographers as Kevin Wynn, Molly Poerstel, Larry Clark, Lane Gifford, Jonathan Riedel and others. Neil also maintains a working classical repertoire including works by Stravinsky, Charles Ives, John Cage, Bela Bartok and others.

Currently Neil is in several performing ensembles including “Mr. GONE“ and the Thunderhead Organ Trio. He performs with a variety of local ensembles including the “Funk Junkies” and the Hudson Valley Jazz Ensemble. His most recent CD release is “Soft Invaders“, a set of synth driven ambient electronic pieces recorded during a live on-air performance on WPRB radio